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Hanno, Japan
Hanno, Japan
Hanno, Japan is located about an hour’s commute to the west of Tokyo and serves as home to about 84,000 people. The setting is marked by a backdrop of mountains and crossed by several rivers. Several beautiful Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples are notable to the area’s history. Woodcraft artisans still turn out prized craft pieces.

This comfortable city has much in common with Brea. New visitors to either city will be surprised to discover how either of these places have been able to blend commerce, art and industry into a functional town with desirable residential living neighborhoods. Both cities are so much more than a suburban extension of famous, major international hubs. Each is a worthy destination on its own merit! Both cities have their own unique identity with a proud history, involved citizens, thriving businesses, good schools and lively community activities.

Visiting delegations are only one part of the long-term relationship with Hanno. Typically, adult groups alternate visits from year-to-year between the two countries. However, annual student exchanges have provided a much deeper level of understanding for the younger generations. Over the years, a series of former Brea students have actually gone on to serve after their college graduations as an English teacher within the Hanno junior high school. These subsequent teaching years in Japan had been inspired by their earlier student exchange visit!

In 2011, Brea and Hanno celebrated a 30-year anniversary milestone. Each city hosted a delegation from the other to publicly renew their relationship.

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