Commercial Recycling Is Easy, Essential

The State of California has implemented a program to significantly reduce the amount of waste going into landfills before the year 2020. Assembly Bill 341 (AB 341) sets an ambitious 75% reduction target for disposables, which can only be obtained with consistent compliance at industrial, commercial and multi-family facilities. This AB 341 brochure summarizes the expectations.

Luckily, it is very easy to follow best practices to help achieve this goal. For many years, single family homes have used three different colored bins to separate waste streams. But such a multi-bin, three-truck system is not as practical for commercial applications. However, because Brea Disposal operates as part of Republic Services, with state-of-the-art processing for recyclable material, larger waste generators also have it easy to participate.

Proper handling for those larger roll-off type bins requires two simple rules:

1.Keep dry recycle materials loose. (paper, cardboard, plastics, glass)

2.Bag all wet materials.

In general, once trash collection bins come into Republic's Anaheim facility the sorting operation can efficiently remove various materials that have use for recycling. It speeds the process to be able to quickly remove bags containing materials destined for the dump.

At some larger scale operations it may make good sense to establish a source separation process. For instance, a manufacturing process that produces leftover plastics or a distribution center with excess cardboards. The goal is to minimize contamination of any recyclable material; especially the fiber.

Perhaps it would be helpful to adopt a source separation process. Republic Service/Brea Disposal can provide a waste audit and customized recycling solutions for businesses that generate a lot of fiber. Businesses may call 714-238-3300 to request a solid waste audit. (There may be a minimal fee, depending on the type of audit.)

Republic is interested in working with you to develop best environmental practices for managing waste and keeping recycle materials clean while protecting the environment. You can call them with questions at 714-238-2444 or visit their website.

To learn more about waste and recycling and the current legislation visit the State’s website.