Current Exhibition

Currently on View:

February 9 - April 5, 2019

This ambitious exhibition invites visitors to experience art in a whole new, profound way through the exploration of dynamic, large-scale installation pieces. As a handful of innovative artists take over the gallery and transform it into a series of imaginative environments, viewers will be astounded and inspired by these immersive works of art. 

Visitors are invited to create their own installation in a virtual reality setting. Included with admission, ask staff how you can participate and create your own immersive art!

Join us March 30 & 31 for Fresh {AIR}, an artist in residence program we will host in conjunction with the exhibition. Come observe and ask questions as these artists work and demonstrate live, in the gallery.  

Exhibiting Artists:  Darel Carey, Barbara Holmes, Olga Lah, Tahiti Pehrson, Lily Reeves, Paige Smith, Laura Stewart, Corrie Sullivan, Carrie Ungerman, and Amanda Yamashita.